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Laboratories Working On Parallel Mechanisms In Germany

(map of Germany)
Laboratory: Department of Mechatronics
University: University of Duisburg-Essen
Location: Duisburg
Faculty: N/A
Overview: N/A
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Laboratory: Collaborative Research Center 562
University: TU Braunschweig
Location: Braunschweig
Speakers: Prof. F. Wahl, M. Krefft
Overview: Several applications in the field of production automation require high operating speed and accelerations. The main goal of SFB 562 is to develop robots based on closed kinematic chains (so called parallel robots) and to improve the structural and dynamic potential of these robots. The main focus is the modeling and control of the parallel structures and the consequent use of new machine elements. The integration of active elements into the light links of the parallel structures and a suitable control concept forms an adaptronic compound system, which avoids oscillation. By means of adaptronic it is possible to improve the dynamic and the stiffness of parallel structures. Two prototypes of parallel manipulator were built at the center, namely a HEXA parallel robot and PAROS 4.
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Laboratory: Biomechanics Section
University: TU Hamburg-Harburg
Location: Hamburg
Faculty: Professor Michael M. Morlock et al.
Overview: N/A
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Laboratory: ISW
University: University of Stuttgart
Location: Stuttgart
Faculty: Professor Günter Pritschow et al.
Overview: N/A
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Laboratory: WZL
University: RWTH Aachen
Location: Aachen
Faculty: Dipl.-Ing. Mathias Giesler et al.
Overview: N/A
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Laboratory: IFW
University: University of Hannover
Location: Hannover
Faculty: Professor Hans Kurt Tönshoff et al.
Overview: N/A
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Laboratory: Mechatronics Laboratory
University: University of Paderborn
Location: Paderborn
Faculty: Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Moritz et al.
Overview: N/A
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Laboratory: Fraunhofer IWU
University: N/A
Location: Chemnitz
Faculty: Dr. Christian Harzbecker et al.
Overview: N/A
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Laboratory: Laboratory of Control Engineering and System Dynamics
University: University of Kassel
Location: Kassel
Faculty: Prof. Hubert Hahn
Overview: N/A
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