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Miscellaneous Events and Articles Related to Parallel Mechanisms

Articles in Control Engineering

  Need speed? Is there a delta robot in your future?
     An article about the Delta robot.

Articles in Manufacturing Engineering Magazine

  Robots Step Up to Machining
     Describes robots being used for milling, drilling, and other machining processes.

Articles in Robotics Online

  What is Going on With Parallel Robots
     Examines the current situation with parallel robots from an industrial point of view.

  Parallel Kinematic Robots
     Describes the applications of some of the most popular industrial parallel robots.

Articles in Modern Machine Shop Online

  Hexapod--It's Working
     Defines the hexapod (PKM) concept and introduces the major manufacturers.

  Focal Point: True Believers
     Introduces the "HexVentage" PKM by Pathfinders, Inc.

  Special Report: World Machine Tool Review
     Mentions the "M" style PKM by Honda Engineering.

  Steady As She Goes
     Mentions the horizontal PKM by Yamage Technology.

  It's A Machine Tool Robot
     Presents the "Tricept" PKM by Neos Robotics.

  This Hexapod You Can Work With
     Presents the "Hexabot" by Hexel.

  A New Twist On Five-Axis Machining
     Presents the Z3 Head by DS Technology.

Articles in Automotive Manufacturing & Production

  Fast, Flexible & Economic
     Discusses the "Linapod" PKM by Index Corp.

  A Different Approach
     Presents the recent work of Paul Sheldon on PKMs, particularly the "Triax."

Articles in Tooling and Production

  Putting the Hex(apod) on Machining
     A general machine tools review (September, 1996).

  Visions of Hexapods Danced in Their Heads
     A report on EMO'97.

  Millennium Challenges: Machining Into the New Millennium
     Presents the recent PKMs invented by Paul Sheldon.

Articles in Design News

  Redundant Actuators Increase Spindle Dexterity
     Presents the hybrid PKM ECLISPE designed by Seoul National University, South Korea.

  Robot Controller Maximizes 5-Axis Maneuverability
     Presents the new Siemens Sinumeric 840D controller used on the Tricept 805 PKM.

  Inverted struts improve hexapod rigidity
     A short article about the German HEXACT hexapod (February, 1998).

Articles in

  Tripod System Breakthrough for Machining Centre
     Presents the tripod horizontal machining center manufactured by Traub Heckert UK.

  Auto-Alignment in Six Axes
     Presents the F-206 Hexapod manufactured by Physik Instrumente.

  From Linear Guidance to Hexapod Struts
     Presents the new telescopic struts and joints built by the INA Bearing Company.

  Pick-Up Spindle Lathe Has Hexapod Features
     Presents the VerticalLine V100 parallel kinematic machine from INDEX-Werke.

  Parallel kinematics HMC is self-calibrating
     Presents the Specht Xperimental parallel kinematic machine from Cross Hueller.

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