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About ParalleMIC

ParalleMIC was created to support the development of the field of parallel mechanisms. The acronym ParalleMIC stands for the Parallel Mechanisms Information Center. Our chief concern is directed towards the researchers working in this field. Still, however, a great deal of the information presented on the pages of this web site will also be of high value for those already involved in industry.

Structure of the Web Site

Undoubtedly, the main component of this web site is the Bibliographic Database for publications in the field of parallel mechanisms. The second component of importance is the List of Patents which contains most patents in this field and has direct links to the IBM server, where the patents may be previewed and/or ordered. Then, there is the Terminology List which gives the various terms and their corresponding definitions that can be found in most contemporary publications. Another important component is the Reviews section which features both in-depth topic reviews and real application stories.

For those that are looking for a job or a place to continue their education, or simply for those with broader interests, there is the Who's Who Directory. It offers rich information about all associations, university labs, R&D centers, and companies involved in the field of parallel mechanisms. Then, there is the indispensable News source about upcoming events such as conferences, machine shows, and other related activities.

Who Are We?

The ParalleMIC web site was founded by Ilian Bonev in 2000. He is also the webmaster, the web designer, the owner of the domain name and the exclusive sponsor for all related activities. Past contributers to ParalleMIC are Dr. Luc Rolland, Dr. Dimiter Zlatanov, and Prof. Lionel Birglen. We welcome any new enthusiasts interested in involving in the development of this web site.

While this web site started with the information gathered through the years by a single individual, its today's richness is solely due to the willingness of users to contribute their information. We would like to thank to all of you that take part in this information center. All contributions of ideas and opinions will be given the corresponding credit.

Copyright © 2000–2007 by Ilian Bonev Last Update: February 26, 2007