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Company Profile of FCS Control Systems

The information below was contributed by Joep Mannens (Sales Manager, FCS).

Company Profile

FCS Control Systems, under the former name Fokker Control Systems, originated in the late 70's by applying Fokker's aircraft expertise in challenging ground-based control systems. The first product line was control loading equipment used in flight simulators to replicate the forces, that act on the pilot's controls. Fokker's involvement in control loading technology started back in 1978 when Fokker's test pilots noticed deficiencies in the control loading of the F28 engineering simulator. This resulted in the patented Model-Follower Force-Loop technology, incorporated in all FCS Control Systems Control Loading Systems.

In the 80's Fokker Control Systems provided the same control systems technologies for aircraft, train and truck simulation industries with high fidelity motion cueing systems. At first instance Fokker Control Systems concentrated on motion software and electronics for inclusion in newly built third party hydraulic motion bases, or for retrofits.

In 1995 Fokker Control Systems started selling complete motion bases. It distinguished itself by offering fully electric rather than hydraulic motion systems. This technology has proven to be a clear success with full flight-, rail-based, vehicle-, truck and car driving-, and submarine applications. Since the early 80's Fokker Control Systems has delivered over 600 simulator sub-systems and has demonstrated to be a reliable supplier and partner of high fidelity Electric Control Loading and Motion systems. In 2000, Fokker Control Systems changed it's company name into FCS Control Systems.

Current FCS Organization

The core technology of FCS Control Systems is its patented force-loop, leading to high performance electro-mechanical control system solutions. These solutions are offered by way of three different product groups:

  • 1. Simulation Products
    • - Control Loading systems
    • - Motion systems
  • 2. Test and Simulation of Structures
    • - Multi-axis static and dynamic test systems
  • 3. Mechatronics for Medical applications
    • - Master slave controlled x-ray
    • - Force feedback invasive surgery

FCS' approach to these various product groups is to develop high performance, customer specific, Electronics-Software-Actuator solutions that focus on functionality through technology.

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