Dear Subscribers,

ParalleMIC is finally back after a short vacation followed by intensive work on
its latest technical report. And, now, I am glad to announce the release of the
promised paper on a peculiar parallel mechanism that has lots and lots of
singularities. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

I regret to inform you that in future the ParalleMIC newsletter will not be
published weekly but rather as sufficient information builds up.

Yours sincerely,

Ilian Bonev

September 6, 2001

* New movies available from the web site of the Laval University Robotics lab
* 3rd Chemnitz Parallel Kinematics Seminar and 3rd European-American Forum on
  Parallel Kinematic Machines to be held on April 13-25, 2002 in Germany. More
  information will be soon available online.
* Neos Robotics has changed the look of their web site

* The report on constraint singularities as configuration space degeneracies is
  finally online (

* After a discussion with Dr. François Pierrot, I have decided to differentiate
  the two sections "Laboratories" and "R&D Centers" in the following
  unambiguous manner. As of now, the section "Laboratories" will list only
  institutions for educational purposes, i.e., places where students can pursue
  at least a Master's or Ph.D. degree. These may include university labs,
  institutes, or whatever the name is. The section "R&D Centers" will include
  centers such as NASA and NIST where post-doctoral positions may be offered at
  most. This change is done to facilitate students searching for continuing
  their education.

* CMW has a new web site
* MTS Systems
* FCS Control Systems
* The Robotics Department at LIRMM has a new web site