Dear Subscribers,

This week's issue of the ParalleMIC newsletter will be focused on the
release of a new review, or rather a technical report. The report, as
previously announced, deals with the singular 3-DOF 3-UPU translational
parallel mechanism built at Seoul National University. A new type of
singularity is defined and the mystery of that mechanism is, at least
partially, resolved (

I hope you will enjoy reading this report. After releasing the review on the
Delta robot, this is the first time I publish online theoretical material
before its actual publication in printed media.

Yours sincerely,

Ilian Bonev

June 13, 2001

* Since recently, Delphion does no longer provide an image preview of the
  patents for free. A minimum of 75 USD/month subscription fee is required.
* The short papers from the recent CCToMM Symposium are available online