Dear Subscribers,

Last week was again quite fruitful for ParalleMIC, not so much for the number
of newly added links, but rather for the intriguing research studies about
which I found. It is a pity, though, that most webmasters do not post detailed
information on the ongoing R&D and that they rarely submit their web sites to
search engines. Luckily, some of them are contacting us directly, for which we
are thankful.

This Wednesday, ParalleMIC marks its first anniversary; it is on January 24,
2000 that I dared to register its domain name. I was initially contributing
to ( but then ... well, let's just say
that I do not like web sites involved in banner advertizing.

I hope you find ParalleMIC useful and easy to use. I am open to any suggestions
and comments.

Yours sincerely,

Ilian Bonev

January 22, 2001

* The list of patents was slightly restructured and updated
* The "Who's Who -> Laboratories" section was also restructured

* Mechatronics & Control Lab, Korea University
* Oiwa Laboratory, Shizuoka University
* ParaDex: A Novel 6-DOF 6-P(RR)S Parallel Manipulator from Sandia
* A 4-DOF Sea Motion Simulator, BHR Group

* I am still in anticipation of the response of Prof. Reymond Clavel concerning
  the review on the Delta robot.
* Luc Rolland from LORIA prepared a French version of the "Terminology" section
  which I will post some time next week.