Dear Subscribers,

My apologies for skipping last week's issue of the ParalleMIC Newsletter.
Meanwhile, your number has reached slightly over 50.

I have finally released the first review covering the topic of singularity
analysis of planar parallel mechanisms with revolute joints. The review is
mainly intended to accompany an article written by me and Prof. Gosselin that
will be presented at the upcoming 2nd Workshop on Computational Kinematics in
South Korea.

After the workshop, I am planning a short tour (May 19-30) in the country of
morning calm aimed at visiting most labs working in the domain of parallel
mechanisms. A review discussing the state of the art of research and
development in South Korea will then be published in June.

Yours sincerely,

Ilian Bonev

April 9, 2001

* From now on, back issues of this newsletter will be available online
* The first review on singularity analysis is finally released

* NUWAR - New University of Western Australia Robot
* Three Degree of Freedom Parallel Mechanical Linkage

* EP1084802A2: Four-degree-of-freedom parallel robot
* WO9955497A1: ethod for calibrating a parallel manipulator
* US6203254: Parallel mechanism machining device