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Thank you again for your interest in ParalleMIC. As promised, we deliver to
you this first issue of the ParalleMIC Newsletter which has a rather
telegraphic style.

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Ilian Bonev

December 18, 2000

* The bibliography database was filled with 201 records.

* WireMan - a 3-DOF wire haptic device based on a tripod
* A 3-DOF piezoelectric microtelemanipulator
* R&D centers working on parallel mechanisms in Italy

* A review on haptic devices based on parallel mechanisms is being currently
  prepared by Lionel Birglen.
* A review on planar 3-RRR parallel manipulators is soon to be published.

* ParalleMIC pops up as one of the first results when searching in AltaVista
  for "parallel mechanisms", "parallel kinematic machines", and the like.